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Roofing Battens

In recent years Arbor Forest Products have become one of the leading suppliers of roofing battens to the industry, to achieve this they have continued with the ethos of high quality product, good availability and their unique ability to deliver mixed products on the same vehicle.

In recognition of this high quality, consistent product, Arbor Forest Products have achieved a BM Trada Q Mark for their AFP 5534 batten. In addition Arbor have also become an associate member of the National Roofing Federation who also insists on regular routine audits as a condition of membership.

Two products available – AFP 33 & AFP 5534



AFP33 Roof Battens

  • AFP33 Roofing battens are a high quality, graded batten, specifically produced to meet the requirements of the Building and Construction Industry.
  • Visually graded at source the AFP33 meets all aspects of BS5534:2003+A1:2010 with the exception of a final grade for knots, which must be carried out on site.
  • All battens are manufactured from European Redwood (PNSY) or European Whitewood (WPCA).
  • All battens are packaged in bundles of 10.
  • Available in both 25 x 38 and 25 x 50 sections and in lengths ranging from 3 to 6 metres. Also available is a standard traditional batten size 19 x 38 (no longer recognised in BS5534:2003+A1:2010).
    Individual pieces are marked for full identification, highlighting size, species, grade (TB33) and treatment process.
  • High pressure preservative treated to BS:8417:2003 (UC2) which carries a 60 year service life against insect attack and wood rotting fungi.



AFP5534 Roof Battens

The AFP5534 is Arbor Forest Products premium batten. This batten, as AFP33, is fully graded to meet all aspects of BS5534:2003+A1:2010 BUT ALSO INCLUDES A FINAL GRADE FOR KNOTS. Thereby eliminating the need for grading on site (which is now a requirement for all NHBC homes)
The AFP5534 batten is independently accredited by BM Trada.

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Arbor Forest Batten Brochure 2013

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